Revisory 101

After letting the first draft sit for a week, and sending myself dozens of emails with ideas for revisions, i sat down to take a pass at the work in progress today. I was surprised to find that chapter two makes a better chapter one than the original chapter one did. Rewriting doesn’t always have […]

Unfortunate Slang

The title of my forthcoming short novel is “How My Brain Ended Up Inside This Box”. I had a cover image in mind, which included, among other things, a photo of a pretty girl. People seem to like pretty girls on covers, and this particular photo resonated with my idea of the main character, who […]

Trying to do Wattpad right

I haven’t gotten much traction on Wattpad yet, but I was also posting stuff the wrong way. You’re supposed to do it chapter by chapter so that starts can add up. So I’m starting over, beginning with The Lemon Thief’s Ex-Wife’s Third Cousin, since multiple readers have recently told me to. Maybe it’ll help, maybe […]


I used to say that the biggest source of problems in the human world was our propensity to confuse fantasy with reality, but I think now I have to update that notion, replace it with the biggest source of problems in the human world is our capacity for oversimplification. We oversimplify everything, and there’s a […]

a luta continua

the struggle goes on. the day to day struggle (get up, go to work, come home, go to bed). the world struggles (if a muslim kills somebody, islam is bad. if a black man kills somebody, black people are bad. if a white man kills somebody, he was a lone wolf, a troubled soul, they […]

Useful Comments

It almost seems a contradiction, the idea that a long comments section following any post on the internet would be as useful as the post itself, or even more so, but I actually came across such a beast this morning. I was reading up on the argument between Dawkins and Wilson on “group selection”, in […]

Breaking News!

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