Strange Search

I noticed that Google Maps added a Search feature, with an "example search" in gray text. The example search was 'Hotels in New York'. I figured I'd try a different search - an unlikely one (this comes naturally to me since I test software for a living) - so I chose "Morons in America", not really expecting anything at all. Lo and behold, Google's motto seems to be "never say never", and I got the following list:

(A) Montage Resort & Spa Laguna Beach - 30801 Coast Hwy
(B) Arclight Hollywood - 6360 W Sunset Blvd
(C) Presidential City Apartments - 3901 City Line Ave
(D) Desert Inn Resort Motel & Club - 900 N Atlantic Ave
(E) Fry's Electronics - 340 Portage Ave
(F) Vision - 640 N Dearborn St
(G) ElCid Tapas Bar & Restaurant - 322 W 15th St
(H) Micro Center-Commercial & Ntwk - 2645 N Elston Ave

This is especially amusing to me since the Fry's Electronics they put here is very near to my office! Think they are telling me something?

I might just have to go and visit that Spa in Laguna Beach and see if it really is the Number One location of Morons in America

A Google Maps search for 'Creeps in Canada' turned up only one result. Not even in Canada, I'm afraid, but California. At least the location started with "CA"

Creeps Inc
14400 Bear Valley

Wonder what the heck that is?

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