My 'Time Zone' novella's podcast made a resurgence to #1 on Podiobooks, which led to some reflections on this piece, which I wrote in two halves, ten years apart:

Some of the fragmentary themes in 'Time Zone' (the whole thing is fragmentary, by design, whether this is satisfactory to the reader/listener or not)

1. The protagonist begins as hero and ends as villain, not merely through his own degradation, but by being seen finally from a different angle. He is seen as an explorer, a scientist at first; later seen to be a heartless exploiter. I like this progression.

2. Time traveling while Black in America.

3. Time traveling while Female, anywhere.

4. Setting out on a big adventure, but settling for a small one (for example, you visit a new, foreign city and spend most of your time looking for an ice cream stand because it's so hot).

5. Never remembering, but always repeating the same experience. The warrior fights the same battle over and over again.

6. A time traveler stuck in space - he can only travel within the confines of a small town throughout its history, pre-history and post-history.

7. Hoping for external change, but the only change that happens is internal.

8. Raising yourself as both parent and child - a time travel paradox

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