So this blog is Pigeon Weather (the name of my production company) and I had recently posted an idea for a story about someone named Fay ... Now people googling for Hurricane Fay are hitting that blog spot, and why? Because Google owns Blogger and promotes its blog posts in searches. My Wordpress Pigeon Weather site almost never gets any google hits from the same keyword searches.

With Google, the internet is not what it seems to be. 'Seek and you shall find' now translates into 'search and you shall find whatever might possibly generate revenue for Google'. But not only that.

I searched for information on a Microsoft test tool - Google's top results were all blog posts harshly criticizing that product (it sucks, it's crap, etc ...). When I used a different search engine, I got links to pages of actual relevance (the test tool's home page, tutorials, sample code, etc ...). Google is a rival of Microsoft and has an interest in working against its interests. This is not 'searching the internet'. This is a new form of censorship.

More and more I'm coming to see that rather than making the internet accessible, and "not doing evil", in reality Google is filtering the internet, funneling everything in the interests of its profit motive, its bottom line, its shareholders' pocket books.

I do use Google products extensively (home page, gmail, google docs, blogger) because they are good products. I feel like the people who shop at WalMart because it's cheap, and then complain about how all the manufacturing jobs have gone overseas, Cause and effect, people.

But, I will be trying to find a better search engine, and hoping for one, an open-source, indifferent, non-profit, liberation search engine. So far it's not out there as far as I know. Just be aware that when you use Google, you aren't getting the best results for your search, you're getting THEIR best results for it.

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