The Sultan

Once when I was working as a manager of a regional chain bookstore I met a manager of another store in the chain, who, almost as soon as he introduced himself, started telling me how he lived with his wife and his girlfriend, that they all slept in the same bed, and that he'd put them both on the payroll and neither one did any actual work. He was pretty proud of himself. Since he was a "portly fellow" who reminded me of Babe Ruth, I promptly nicknamed him The Sultan of Twat.

You could stop by his office on most days and find him back there playing footsie and reading the paper with his assorted lovers. He also happened to be managing two stores at once, and many days he would simply tell each store that he was at the other that day, when in fact he was at home (and presumably in bed).

It didn't last long, maybe a few months until the girlfriend left him, and then the wife as well, but as we like to say in our house, "don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened"

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