You Can't Teach an Old Soul New Tricks

This story about John Edwards' "ex-mistress" demonstrates that these presidential candidates are people too, and they can get involved with the same kind of people you and I come across every day - in this case, one of those new age spiritual nonsense people, who was convinced that Edwards was an "old soul" and somehow his astrological chart and hers could fit together in a nice tight little way that could change the world!!

I'm reminded of the guru we had around here once in Palo Alto who explained why he fucked all his female disciples by saying he was merely "transferring his energy" into them.

It would help to realize the fairly self-evident truth that people do not have "old souls". They do not have souls at all. They are animals, creatures of this particular planet who are born, live and die, like every other creature of this particular planet. Sigh.

I have plenty of acquaintances who go for this new age stuff. Sun signs, auras, spiritual energy, crystals, vibrations; makes me wanna holler, throw up both my hands ...

Old soul or not, Edwards is still a jerk who "didn't even love" this person. Nice guy to the end.

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